No-one likes paying tax, but taxes are here to stay. Our job is to ensure you pay as little tax as possible whilst complying with all your obligations to make full and complete disclosures of your taxable income.

Business Taxation

The taxation system works on the basis that tax payers self assess their tax liability and complete the appropriate tax return as necessary. This applies just as much to business tax as to personal tax.

We therefore complete your business tax returns and file them online, advising you of how much tax your business has to pay and when it is due.

Through regular dialogue with our clients we can offer advice on minimising potential tax liabilities, particularly when planning one off capital transactions or when profits are increasing.

Should your business be selected for examination by HM Revenue & Customs, our experienced staff will handle the often stressful examination process on your behalf, negotiating any settlement as favourably as possible.

Personal Taxation

All business owners, directors of companies and many other individual tax payers will receive a self assessment tax return for completion each year. Our tax department will prepare your tax return, file it online and advise you of your tax liabilities. We will keep you fully informed of when you have to make your tax payments.

We also advise on the taxation implications of one off transactions, including helping you to minimise any Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax.

Tax Investigation Fee Protection

Should you be unfortunate enough to be selected for an examination of your tax returns by HM Revenue & Customs, it is likely that substantial professional fees would be incurred in handling and dealing with the investigation on your behalf.

Following a change of emphasis by HMRC, the likelihood of an “investigation” is greater now that they are focusing their efforts more on multi-tax reviews (looking at PAYE, VAT and personal tax compliance all at once) and targeting certain business types in co-ordinated approaches throughout the country.

For this reason, all our clients are automatically covered under a special Fee Protection Insurance scheme. The scheme enables our fees for tax enquiry work to be paid by the insurer allowing us to vigorously defend your position so you will not be out of pocket at a time when you can least afford it.